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Hi, and welcome to!

This is place where myself (Peter Hazelwood) and James Cook hope will become a user-friendly environment, where people at any stage in their Sound careers can come and gain a greater understanding of a huge variety of sound based educational material. The material could be written by James and I, or information that we have found invaluable in our own recent introductions to the Live Sound Industry.

Both James and I have had different introductions into the Live sound industry.

Four years ago I decided to apply for an Apprenticeship advertised in a local newspaper to work in theatre. I got it, and over the next year I worked full time, like any other member of staff in that theatre, and learnt everything I know from the ground up. I was then offered a full time contract and haven’t looked back since. I have covered everything from Sound to LX and Stage, but my main interest has always been in sound.

James, on the other hand, went about it in what I feel is a more conventional method. He went to university after completing his A-Levels and got a degree in Sound, Light & Live Event Technology at The University of Derby. Two years into his degree he came to the theatre I work at, as a technical intern, and it was clear he was going to get plenty of work when he left Uni, thanks to his enormous skill level and attitude to work. Low and behold the following year after he had completed his Degree, James came back to Suffolk and is now a self employed sound designer across the UK

We hope that due to our varying experience and previous education levels we will be able to offer a service with at a time when we can still both remember what it was like for us to learn it.

So, we hope you enjoy the website and find something useful to take with you.

Cheers, Pete